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I offer expert services on corporate social responsibility (CSR):

My specialties are in the garment sector, but I have experience on researching other sectors as well.

In the garment sector, companies' own codes of conduct outnumber those on other industry sectors. The garment industry has been the first industry of many countries. Sewing cannot be automated and establishing a clothing factory requires no complicated technology or a large investment. For these reasons there are a lot of workers' rights violations globally in the garment sector: Child labour, underpayment, excessive overtime work, scaring off those defending their rights. The garment sector provides an interesting view towards the corporate social responsibility in general.

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Expert services

I offer various expert services:

Tappajafarkut, The Book

The Killer Jeans
- And Other Irresponsible Clothing

Published by Into-kustannus 10/2013

Tappajafarkut ("The Killer Jeans And Other Irresponsible Clothing") shines light into the clothing industry, focusing on sewing, and assessing the best known Finnish and global brands. The book provides a concise look at the certification schemes in use. It is a must read for responsible consumers and others, who are interested in the origin and production of their clothes. (The publication is only available in Finnish.)


  • SASK news EU haluaa vastuullista vaatetuotantoa An article on a welcome resolution of European parliament for promoting responsibility of clothing sector
  • Fingo quest article Vihdoin poliittisia paatoksia suitsimaan vaatetusalaa Another article on before mentioned subject
  • The above mentioned adopted text by European parliament
  • Vastuullisia kenkiä? Ihmisoikeudet suomalaisten jalkineyritysten tuotantoketjuissa (PDF) A study on global human rights in Finnish shoe production (in Finnish). Pro Ethical Trade 2016 Outi Moilala (edited by Anna Härri and Anna Ylä-Anttila)
  • Vastuullisia vaatteita? Ihmisoikeudet suomalaisten vaateyritysten tuotannossa A study on global human rights in Finnish garment production (in Finnish). Pro Ethical Trade 2014 Outi Moilala and Anna Härri
  • Tappajafarkut ja muita vastuuttomia vaatteita A book on the CSR of the garment industry (in Finnish). Into Kustannus 2013
  • Vikatikki blog on the CSR in the clothing industry (in Finnish), published by Vihreä Lanka
  • Hengenvaarallinen muotioikku - Suomessa myytävien farkkujen hiekkapuhallus (PDF) Finnwatch study on sandblasting of jeans 2011 (in Finnish). Finnwatch, 2011, Outi Moilala
  • Julkisen vallan CSR-järjestelmä eri maissa (PDF) Finnwatch study on public sector CSR systems in different countries 2010 (in Finnish). Finnwatch, Eeva Simola, Päivi Pöyhönen, Outi Moilala, Kristoffer Wilen. A publication of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Kilpailukyky 41/2010
  • Ostoja etelästä ja hikipajoista - Kotimaisten vaate- ja urheiluyritysten sosiaalinen ja ympäristövastuu (PDF) Finnwatch study on CSR of clothes and sport products, update 2010 (in Finnish). Finnwatch, 2010, Outi Moilala
  • Hikipajat pinnalla - Suomen urheilukaupan hankintojen sosiaalinen ja ympäristövastuu (PDF) Finnwatch study on CSR of sporting goods 2008 (in Finnish). Finnwatch, 2008, Outi Moilala
  • (PDF) Eettiset periaatteet julkisissa hankinnoissa. Tapaus reilu kauppa (PDF) A study on ethical public procurement 2007 (in Finnish). Pro Fair Trade, 2007, Outi Moilala
  • Vaatteita etelästä - Alan yritysten sosiaalinen- ja ympäristövastuu (PDF) Finnwatch study on CSR of clothes 2006 (in Finnish). Finnwatch, 2006, Outi Moilala
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